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Concrete Repair & Restoration

Perfection is a leader in structural repair, strengthening, waterproofing, and protection for all types of structural challenges, no matter how complex. Whether repairing a parking garage, replacing plaza pavers or improving ground integrity, our high quality solutions, safety and technical know-how is reflected in our long-standing customer testimonials.

Crack Filling and / or Crack Rebuilds

Over time it is a given that concrete will crack. Cracking can be caused by over-loading your concrete slab, insufficient number of control joints, or possibly slab shrinking. IF identified, cracks can be repaired quickly and correctly. If any given crack is less than one inch, it can be routed and readily repaired by being filled with polyurea.

If a crack exceeds one inch, the crack should be rebuilt. Rebuilding, as a process is more involved and for certain expensive. In order to rebuild a given crack area, the crack should be cut out at it’s widest area, and the area between removed. Then, the void should be patched with a trowel grade epoxy mortar and ground smooth.

Joint Filling / Joint Repairs

Perfection offers joint filling and joint rebuilding of concrete floor surfaces. The goal in filling control joints in a concrete slab is to extend the life of a concrete surface and make a seamless transition between the slab tiles. Joint filling is typically used if the joint is thinner than one inch wide.

Repairing joints that exceed one inch will require rebuilding, which is a process that is more involved and costly. To rebuild a control joint will require cutting out the joint and removal of the material in between, then patching the affected area with an epoxy mortar.

Concrete Patching

Perfection also can provide patching services for any industrial concrete flooring. Continual usage from steel-wheeled carts and forklifts or pallet jacks will eventually cause damage to your floors. Fluctuation in concrete levels small and large can cause trip hazards for employees and create dangerous liability issues.  Various material options are available and will defer downtime and additional repair expenses.

Exterior Concrete Repairs

Perfection can offer concrete repairs to exterior surfaces including concrete stoops, steps, sidewalks, walls, railings and dock area walls.  If repairs are made quickly a total rebuild of the area may not be necessary.  These type of exterior concrete repairs should always be scheduled around work downtimes.

Bolt Hole Repairing

Bolt hole repairs might be needed if your facility is being reconfigured or if an occupant has vacated.  In certain situations, a large number of bolt holes or breakouts may exist. If these holes are not managed, the small holes will become large holes and could become hazards for employees.  If left unrepaired, the holes can cause substantial damage to forklift tires and steering linkages.

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