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  • Seawall and underwater inspection
  • Engineering diagrams and Permitting
  • Repairs
  • Rebuilding an existing seawall
  • Truline modular seawalls
  • Seawall cap extentions for new height regulations
  • Complete seawall construction
  • Roofing, windows, balconies


This condominium seawall turned without any warning due to erosion under the wall. This is due to Florida seawalls being 30 years past their lifespan. We can inspect fast and save you money and time.


Florida seawalls are 20 years overdue for repair and rebuild
A waterfront property is only as good as its seawall
A new seawall means peace of mind and investment security
Condos and Buildings on the waterways are at serious risk


Commercial Repair Specialists

We specialize in commercial seawall projects – condominiums, shopping centers and city properties – call or email us now for an inspection and detailed quotation for all your commercial seawall, roofing and general construction needs – we are the best in South Florida at commercial seawall repair. Contact us before the storms! Be proactive before your seawall turns and effects your entire structure.

Learn The Signs Of Seawall Erosion

Constant forces from wave, tidal, storm action and gravity work to constantly equalize pressure on both the land and water-ward side of the seawall, creating soil loss if not properly designed or maintained. This action is evidenced by the rotation of the seawall cap or soil loss behind the seawall, resulting in pavers, concrete and/or landscaping to sink

From Start To Finish We Offer Affordable & Optimal Solutions

We carefully analyze any issues that your Seawall assembly may be experiencing, then offer long-term solutions that will fit in any budget. Our goal is to address all components of the Seawall assembly so they all work together, providing a healthy finished product that will last for many years to come.

From Small Repairs to Large Projects, We Have You Covered

Whether your needs are a simple repair or a large scale commercial or municipal repair, replacement or new Seawall, our team of experts have the experience and ability to get your project completed on time and on budget. We are proficient in design through completion and are your one stop source for anything marine construction related.

Our Name Says It All: "Perfection"

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Perfection offers over 30 years in marine contracting experience.

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A Proven Perfection 2 Stage Process Determines Problems and Provides Optimal Seawall Repair Solutions:


Seawall Inspection and Evaluation to determine drainage of soils adjacent to the wall, then landward to structures. We seek to resolve if water can be drained by land-born drains or not and determine if and where current drains are installed in the Seawall and what type? If needed, exploration of options are assessed with the goal being to restrict water inflow while allowing maximum water outflow into canal.


Seawall Repair and / or Seawall Rebuild using ecologically safe optimal materials for cost and longevity. Our soil stabilizing tactics and materials replace and compact soils directly behind the current seawall panels to create a rock hard, water tight mass of impermeable soil especially at the base of the seawall wall or “Toe”. Our approach creates the longest term bonds and strengthens the soils to form a “curtain” of protection and eliminate voiding soils and to fortify and super-strengthen the wall against future erosion.


Know The Physics Behind Seawall Erosion

LAND VS. WATER – Seawall Erosion Process:

  • Water will enter the soil behind the seawall through cracks, fissures, breaches and neighboring properties, leaving the water table behind the wall at the same height as the highest point of the water at high tide.
  • This water is forced within the landward portion of the seawall assembly through tremendous pressure as the tide rises. Once the tide begins to lower, there is no pressure forcing the water OUT of the wall, leaving the water to egress out of the wall.
  • This action occurs through cracks in the wall, where grout has failed at the pile to wall panel joints or under the wall through a series of capillaries.
  • The unfortunate bi-product of any of these conditions is soil will travel with the water as it exits. In reality what is occurring is a constant, never changing condition of water in and soil out…Twice a day, every day.
  • Water will egress underneath the seawall, through cracks, fissures and breaches in the seawall assembly taking soil with it. This progressive loss of soil is the main reason seawalls ultimately fail.


What Can Be Done To Save Your Seawall?

Properly sealing cracks, fissures and openings, sealing wall panels to pilings, installing a footer if required then installing a series of engineered through-wall vents to equalize pressure and forces in the land and water-ward environments will halt erosion of soil and tremendously extend the life of the seawall assembly. Early mitigation will save a tremendous amount of time, expense and if detected early enough will save the seawall assembly adding years or decades to the life of the Seawall.

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